Creative Direction: Implement strategic brand identity through product design.
Title: XV Fashionably Efficient
Creator: Julia Guidi
Problem Statement: People need a device to simplify their casual and workday flow of operating their vehicle with wearable technology.
Overview of Challenge: Like any new product, people may be hesitant at first but users will find joy in XV Fashionably Efficient for its productivity, environmental impact, and social impact. Users will see how wearable technology can simplify car operations via voice command to eliminate extra steps of searching for your keys and setting items down to load your vehicle.
XV Fashionably Efficient has an environmental impact by using recycled materials but ignites a greater social impact. Socially, people will belong to a group of individuals of a futuristic movement of wearable technology. Color Theory demonstrates a social status of class, but at a reasonable retail price due to recycled product resources.
Baseline Information: Cars already have a foot motion sensor to open the trunk and a touch activated handle to unlock the vehicle. 
Research: Along with interviewing potential users and setting up prototypes for user testing, I did internet research. I found that many services already rely on voice command for the success of their product. Some examples are Siri for Apple devices, Alexa for Amazon products and the Xfinity and Firestick TV remote.

Casual User

Use Case:
• Security for kids & personal belongings
• Minimize clutter in purse, easy access
• Efficiency in running errands with hands carrying items

• Battery operated
• Unclear voice dictation
• Poor Bluetooth radius

• Curiosity, Efficiency, Simplicity

• Early Adopter, Knowledgeable, Adventurous
Business User

Use Case:
• Amazon truck driver
• Quick delivery
• Minimize movement & bending

• Stolen packages from the back of truck
• Hurt back from constant bending & lifting
• Reduce time on heavy dependence to operate vehicle

• Security, Technology, Speed

• Discrete, Adaptive, Focused
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Website Prototype

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